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Mail Time With Flipper

Flip Kick, Deep See Viewer, & Platinum Scraper

Let’s start with the Flip-Kick.  I liked it quite a bit actually.  The only thing I can really compare it to is the Polyplab Coral View Lens. Both items work well, and each has their pros.

For example, I love the fact that the Flip-Kick is also a phone stand, which is great when you are on the road and are watching videos in your hotel room! I also like that the Flip-Kick is merely attached with a magnet, so you can easily remove it. And for the Polyplab Coral View Lens, I love the clippy aspect of it, as you can easily pull it off and clip it to your hat or shirt in between shots.

As for the Deep See Viewer, there is just no negative.  It is a fun tool to help see your livestock up close, and the fact that it is also a magnetic algae scraper is also a huge bonus!

And lastly, the Platinum Scraper is not only the sturdiest scraper I’ve ever owned, but I love the fact that you can use old library cards, credit cards, or any other standard wallet sized card as a replacement blade!