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Reefurbish-RODI Upgrade

I’ve been meaning to do this project for years now, and finally just did it!  It was a blistering 107° day in the desert, but we pushed through the heat and got it done.

Here’s the gist:  We took the Marine Depot 4-Stage Advanced RODI Filter, added a second RO membrane, added 2 additional DI resin containers, added a SpectraPure Auto Shut Off Float Valve Kit, and mounted the unit outside in the shed.

The three DI resin containers are definitely overkill for my area, but I had them lying around so I figured why not.  I can just rotate through the DI resin canisters, replacing the first as it gets fully used up.

Just scroll down or click on the items below to learn more about everything I used to make this project happen.

KleanWater 4-Stage Advanced

MD KleanWater 4-Stage Advanced RODI Filter

Marine Depot has assembled a high quality yet economical water purifying system that turns ordinary tap water into ultra-pure, zero-TDS, water for your aquarium. Harmful impurities such as nitratesphosphates, silicates, pesticides, & heavy metals are removed though filtration and absorption; leaving behind KleanWater as nature intended!

4-Stage KleanWater Advanced RO/DI System Features:

  • High Silicate Rejection TFC Membrane – 100 GPD
  • 1-Micron Sediment Filter
  • High-Capacity Carbon Block Cartridge with chloramine-removal capabilities
  • Nuclear-Grade Mix-Bed DI Resin Cartridge
  • Pressure Gauge to Monitor Pre-Filter Performance
  • TDS Monitor to Measure System Performance
  • Manual Flush Valve Kit to extend TFC Membrane Life
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Mounting Bracket
  • Quick Connect Fittings
  • Made in the USA!
  • One-year warranty

SpectraPure 2-Stage Add-On

SpectraPure MaxCap 2-Stage Add-on

I actually didn’t use this kit, but something similar.  I had an older 2-stage system (without the inline TDS meter), that I’d been using for 5 years.  But in essence the two are exactly the same.

You can configure these two additional stages to be whatever you want, but you would typically pair them with another RODI filter.  You could make this unit an additional pre-filter with a carbon and sediment filter, or you could do what I did and just add more DI (deionization) resin containers.

There is nothing fancy here, and unless you live in an area with high chlorines and chloramines, probably unnecessary.

200 GPD Updgrade Kit

MD KleanWater 200GPD Updgrade Kit

Marine Depot KleanWater 200 GPD Water Saver Upgrade Kit

The Marine Depot Kleanwater Water Saver Upgrade Kit allows you to add an additional RO membrane to your existing RO or RO/DI system. The addition of the second membrane can achieve production rates up to a maximum of 200 gallons per day and reduce waste water production by as much as 66%.

What`s Included

  • 100 GPD TFC RO Membrane
  • RO Membrane Hosing
  • 2 x RO Membrane Mounting Clips (Clips Mount to other RO membrane)
  • 3 x Quick Connect 1/4 T Fittings
  • 3 x Quick Connect 1/4 Elbow Fittings
  • Matching Flow Restrictor
  • Additional RO tubing

Tips and Tricks

  • Ensure the feed PSI into the RO system is no less than 60 psi.
  • Optimal Inlet Temp 77° F – (Please note that colder water will result in slower production and performance).
  • Consider using an RO Booster pump to increase production and RO membrane rejection if pressure is under 55 psi.
  • The use of softened water when available will minimize scaling on the RO membrane.


Auto Shut Off Valve Float Kit

SpectraPure Auto Shut Off Valve Float Kit

A bit confusing to install, but once you get it right, you will rest easier.  Here’s how it works. When the float valve closes (reaches it’s max height), it will build up back-pressure in the valve, thus shutting off both the clean and dirty water lines from your RODI filter.

It happens sooo often, that you forget you are running your RODI filter, and wake up the next morning or come home to a floor full of water.  The installation of this kit will stop that from happening!

SpectraPure® Auto Shut Off Valve Float Kit for RO System

  • Positive shut-off; completely shuts off all waste & product water: great for topping off reservoirs
  • Economical

NOTE: Waste water line may take up to a few minutes to shut off after the product water line has been turned off. Solenoid will operate between pressures of 40-100 PSI.

RO Tubing

RO Tubing

Roll of 1/4″ Reverse osmosis Tubing.

The Marine Depot RO tubing is made with FDA-approved materials. It is flexible and non-toxic so works great for aquarium plumbing and drinking water applications. The tubing is resistant against cracking from stress and is extremely durable.

50 Gallon Drum

55 Gallon Drum

This one is from Amazon, but you can find them locally as well.  Just make sure you get something that is both food-grade, and has never been used for anything other than purified water, or it could be contaminated and leach contaminants into your water.

1/2" Uniseal Bulkhead

1/2" Uniseal Bulkhead

Just note, that if you use 1/2″ flexible tubing with the 1/2″ uniseal, you will not get a water-tight seal.  The 1/2″ uniseal is meant to work with 1/2″ PVC piping.

Uniseals are used to attach pipe to just about any type of container. They can be used in place of expensive bulkhead fittings in most situations. The most common use is on curved surfaces such as storage drums, buckets or even other pipes. Uniseals are made to fit PVC and steel pipes 3/16″ to 6″ through wall thickness of 1/8″ to 1/2″.

NOTE: Uniseals are provided in sizes intended for standard schedule 40 pipe (common household plumbing pipe). For example, a standard 2″ schedule 40 PVC pipe requires a 2″ Uniseal. We recommend using a hole saw for cutting holes where a Uniseal will be placed. After cutting the hole, remove any fragments of material left behind to ensure a good, watertight seal. Below are the hole sizes required for each individual uniseal size.

1/2″ Uniseal requires 1.25″ hole saw and fits 1/2″ ID pipe or tube with 0.840″ OD
3/4″ Uniseal requires 1.25″ hole saw and fits 3/4″ ID pipe or tube with 1.050″ OD
1″ Uniseal requires 1.75″ hole saw and fits 1″ ID pipe or tube with 1.315″ OD
1″ 1/4 Uniseal requires 2″ hole saw and fits 1 1/4″ ID pipe or tube with 1.660″ OD
1″ 1/2 Uniseal requires 2.5″ hole saw and fits 1 1/2″ ID pipe or tube with 1.900″ OD
2″ Uniseal requires 3″ hole saw and fits 2″ ID pipe or tube with 2.375″ OD
3″ Uniseal requires 4″ hole saw and fits 3″ ID pipe with 3.500″ OD

Flexible Tubing

6 feet clear flexible tubing on white background
1/2" Flexible Tubing

To get a water tight seal, you will want to use PVC instead of flexible tubing.  But since I did not require a water tight seal for my application, this worked just fine for me.

I recommend black flexible tubing if installing outdoors, as it will help block out light and stop algae from growing inside the tubing.

Roll of 1/2″ I.D. (inside diameter) Clear Flexible Vinyl Tubing

The Marine Depot flexible vinyl tubing is made with FDA-approved materials. It is flexible and non-toxic so works great for aquarium plumbing and other applications. The smooth-bore interior allows for better fluid transfer. Perfect for commercial and industrial applications as well.

Notes: Plastic Hose Clamps are recommended when using flexible tubing.