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That Reef Show Episode 03

Table of Contents

I) Reefurbish

Okay, so my wife and I made up this word… but then we looked online and found out there is another person who also made up the word, obviously before us!  So while I can’t claim to be the first, I’m still an inventor!

This segment is all about upgrades and getting things ready. I’ve been focused on saltwater aquarium equipment for years now, and neglected livestock.  If you ask me about fish and coral, you may be shocked at how little I actually know, because I just don’t have the experience.

Well, while I still love the equipment side of this hobby, it is time to take some of my earnings, and dive into the deep end of corals and livestock.

This will entail lots of mistakes, lots of headaches, and lots of anguish, but there is no other way to get the experience.

In this, our first iteration of “Reefurbish”, we get the 120 gallon tank ready for corals.  Enjoy!

II) Tank of the Week

To see more of Cole’s tank, check him out on Instagram @kolewoods

Here’s some quick stats of Cole’s tank:

  • 75 gallon turtle tank with metal stand
  • Berlin style sump converted from a wet/dry sump
  • Running for approximately 2 years
  • 2x clownfish, 3 chromis, yellow tank, firefish, diamond goby, mandarin dragonette
  • Brittle star, emerald crab, fire shrimp, trochus & margarita snails, fighting conch, & nassarius snails.

III) Tank Time

For the entire Innovative Marine Nuvo Encore build list, just click this sentence.

What would you do?  I don’t want to have five tanks up and running in my house, it’s just too much maintenance.  Plus, I want to rotate different tanks through to show different build ideas.

I could do a giveaway, a raffle for charity, give it to a school, local reef club… Thoughts?

IV) Mail Time

Only one item this week… my first piece of TRS swag!

V) Product Spotlight

Marine Depot has assembled a high quality yet economical water purifying system that turns ordinary tap water into ultra-pure, zero-TDS, water for your aquarium. Harmful impurities such as nitrates, phosphates, silicates, pesticides, & heavy metals are removed though filtration and absorption; leaving behind KleanWater as nature intended!

4-Stage KleanWater Advanced RO/DI System Features:

  • High Silicate Rejection TFC Membrane – 100 GPD
  • 1-Micron Sediment Filter
  • High-Capacity Carbon Block Cartridge with chloramine-removal capabilities
  • Nuclear-Grade Mix-Bed DI Resin Cartridge
  • Pressure Gauge to Monitor Pre-Filter Performance
  • TDS Monitor to Measure System Performance
  • Manual Flush Valve Kit to extend TFC Membrane Life
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Mounting Bracket
  • Quick Connect Fittings
  • Made in the USA!
  • One-year warranty

VI) Giveaway Winner

*New 2017 Model Features* The CSXC-1 has been upgraded to include a new touch-button LED display. You can now switch from Celsius and Fahrenheit. Accuracy has also be improved to 0.1 degree.

Powerheads, pumps, UV sterilizers and high-intensity lighting all add undesirable heat into the aquarium. The CSXC-1 chiller is perfect for nano tanks, hydroponics setups, and aquariums up to 30 gallons (depending on heat input). The same thermoelectric technology used in this device is used by NASA to generate electricity and maintain equipment temperature in space!

The optional Chill Solutions CSXC-1 Chiller Installation Kit is also available separately.

Chill Solutions CSXC-1 Features:

  • Powerful – Recommended for tanks up to 30 gallons
  • Smart – Intelligent fan speed control eliminates unnecessary noise
  • Thermoelectric Technology – Directly converts electrical power into cooling power
  • Quiet – No pumps or mechanical compressors
  • Reliable – Only one moving part!
  • Easy Install – No drilling necessary
  • Fully Proportional Temperature Control – Control circuit uses high-efficiency PWM (pulse width modulation) technology to maintain your set temperature
  • Environmentally Friendly – No refrigerants or ozone depleting chemicals
  • Quality Construction – Fasteners are 18-8 stainless steel and the unit is made in the USA
  • Accepts 1/2″ vinyl tubing

Average Temperature Reduction

  • 10 gallons: 10+°F
  • 20 gallons: 5-8°F
  • 30 gallons: 2-4°F

*The values shown above are just guidelines. Actual values depend on individual tank specifications, insulation, equipment used, environmental conditions, etc.

Chill Solutions Thermoelectric Aquarium Chiller

VII) Bloopers