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That Reef Show Episode 04

Table of Contents

I) Product Spotlight

Q series protein skimmers easily fit in most space-limited installations and supply powerful filtration. Newly designed hybrid-cone body stabilizes and concentrates the organic rich foam as it rises! The micro-adjustable valve provides precise control, and allows cleaned water to exit the skimmer chamber at its base where there are less micro-bubbles.

The new ConeS Q-Series protein skimmers are made with new and efficient bubble chambers similar to ones found on our popular ConeS CO-Series. The bubble plate in conjunction with the custom diffusers are designed to efficiently mix air and water. More importantly, random twirling and turbulent flow is eliminated. A stable laminar flow is created inside the skimmer’s reaction chamber and maximizes the efficiency of the skimmer like no other design!

High Performance

AquaMaxx ConeS Skimmers feature high-quality Italian-made Sicce pumps. Each Sicce pump motor block is then modified and fitted with proprietary AquaMaxx needle wheel impellers. With the precise modifications and upgrades, performance is boosted much beyond that of a stock pump.

The upgraded AquaMaxx ‘Shark’ pump is capable of drawing in significantly more air and chops them up to the optimum bubble size for protein extraction. These pump and protein skimmer combinations deliver unprecedented performance and reliability. Accumulated protein and organics will be vigorously removed from your tank so you can focus less on maintenance and more on enjoying your piece of the reef.

Superior Design

AquaMaxx Cone-Series Protein Skimmers are designed from the ground up with the hobbyist in mind. A built-in air intake silencer reduces noise for near-silent operation. The hybrid-cone design maximizes the size of the reaction chamber and to allow the skimmate to smoothly rise into the collection cup. The advanced bubble chamber decreases turbulence and produces a stable laminar flow: which improves bubble transition and boosts skimmer performance.

II) Word of the Week: RO/DI Filtration

RO/DI filtration stands for reverse osmosis deionization filtration. At its most simple level, an RO/DI filter removes contaminants from water, resulting in pure H2o.  But how does it work?

Most RO/DI filters have four unique stages of filtration. For the full blog post, CLICK HERE or the card below!

III) Reefurbish

I’ve been meaning to do this project for years now, and finally just did it!  It was a blistering 107° day in the desert, but we pushed through the heat and got it done.

Here’s the gist:  We took the Marine Depot 4-Stage Advanced RODI Filter, added a second RO membrane, added 2 additional DI resin containers, added a SpectraPure Auto Shut Off Float Valve Kit, and mounted the unit outside in the shed.

The three DI resin containers are definitely overkill for my area, but I had them lying around so I figured why not.  I can just rotate through the DI resin canisters, replacing the first as it gets fully used up.

Click on the blog link below for details about each item we used, or just click the links below.

  • MD KleanWater 4-Stage Advanced RO/DI Filter
  • SpectraPure MaxCap 2-Stage Add-on Assembly System
  • MD KleanWater 200 GPD Water Saver Upgrade Kit
  • SpectraPure Auto Shut Off Valve Float Kit
  • RO Tubing
  • 50-Gallon Drum
  • 1/2″ Uniseal Bulkhead
  • 1/2″ Black Flexible Tubing

IV) Bloopers