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That Reef Show Episode 05

Table of Contents

I) Something New

I’ve only ever tried setting up a refugium with some chaetomorpha and a light, never anything like this before. But after talking with a friend of mine who has three decades of reefing experience, he convinced me to try something new.

I admit I’m a bit embarrassed I haven’t tried a full-blown refugium before, but I found it daunting. My attempts at macroalgae have always withered away in the past, and I knew this time around it would take a big commitment on my part.

Click on the blog below to get all of the details on how I built my macroalgae refugium.

II) Mail Time

I was trying to save up a lot of mail time items so I would have something each episode. But it’s just gotten to be too much, and I need the space back in my studio (aka living room!).

So we open up several boxes this week, and unearth some cool items! Click below for the blog with details about every item!

III) Reefurbish

I have never drilled a tank before.  Honestly, I’ve been hesitant.  My only experience with glass has been way back in high school.  I took two semesters of stained glass for art… and loved it mind you… but I know how fragile glass can be.

But, I had this 40 gallon breeder tank, I had the Marine Depot Elite low profile overflow, and I had the MD Elite sump, so it was time to just do it.  

I watched about five YouTube videos, and everybody said the same thing, and it seemed easy enough.  Well… it was super easy.  You just need to make sure your aquarium glass isn’t tempered, but other than that, don’t be intimidated.

Click on the link below to check out the entire blog!

IV) Bloopers