Legal Disclaimer

My First Fish Tank, its newsletter, and social media pages (YouTube, Instagram, etc), are run by me, Matthew Zahler.  While I do my best to carefully research all of my content, I make no guarantee or warranty as to the information on this website or any of my platforms.  I will not be held liable for any loss, damage, or injury arising from the use of any information on this site.  But that being said, I promise to do my research and give you the best information I can so you can make an informed decision on what products to buy!

Affiliate Marketing Disclosure

I love the marine aquarium hobby and am proud to be an impartial reviewer.  I am not paid or sponsored by any company, and this allows me to publish whatever I want on any and all products out there.  If a product I recommend is also a part of an affiliate marketing program, I will embed the link.  What that means is if you click on that link and end up making a purchase, I will earn a small commission (4%-10%).  This small amount of income allows me to not only offer free content, but allows me to never be beholden to a company or product.

Most affiliate websites out there are deceitful.  They are cluttered with ads, and try to trick you to click on something, only to realize later it was an advertisement.  Being a member of several different affiliate programs allows me to make a living, and not clutter my platforms with advertisements.  Most affiliate websites out there pretend to be honest opinions, but are really paid placements masquerading as an honest opinion.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  The beauty of Amazon, is that there are so almost endless products to choose from with thousands of reviews.  This allows me to review and recommend products from around the globe. If you want to do all of your shopping on Amazon, I also have my own Amazon Affiliate Shop so you can see all of my recommendations.

But Amazon doesn’t carry everything, especially not certain specialized saltwater aquarium gear, and for that reason I also am a member of several other affiliate programs such as Marine Depot and Reef Breeders.

So do me a favor, and help support this website and content by clicking on our links and buying your products through our website!

Product Reviews

All of our product reviews are either based on personal experience, or thorough research including conversations with other hobbyists, watching videos, and reading countless reviews.  We only recommend products that we would use ourselves.

Under no circumstance will we do a sponsored review.  That way you know that whatever review you are reading is unbiased.  Occasionally we will receive free items to test and review, and whenever this happens, we will let you know ahead of time.

One last note: We don’t publish negative reviews.  If there is a product that we just can’t honestly recommend, we make a choice not to publish the review.  This doesn’t mean we aren’t critical, but I don’t know about you, but I have never owned a product that was 100% perfect!

Happy Reefing,