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Updated 2024

This Ultimate Saltwater Aquarium guide was primarily designed to provide inspiration and a glimpse into some of the most extravagant equipment and setups available in our hobby. Creating a setup like this would require a significant investment of both money and time. While this type of saltwater aquarium might align with your aspirations, we understand that it likely represents a long-term goal and dream for the majority of reef enthusiasts. We’ve omitted the more basic gear here and focused solely on showcasing the most advanced and expensive options available.

High Tech Build Stats:

Size: 210 gallons + 54 gallon sump


I mean come on!  This tank is crazy!  Not only is it gigantic, but it comes with lights, wavemakers, sump, plumbing, roller mat, and protein skimmer.  I only wish they had it in a peninsula tank.  It’s going to set you back a pretty penny, but just think of what you could have in a 210 gallon display tank!  The largest tank I ever had was 110 gallons, and that felt huge!


So this Reefer comes with four lights, but to be honest, they are a bit undersized in terms of spread.  I would keep these lights, but add on some sort of strip LED, light the AI Blades.  You’ll have to custom mount them, but if you had 2 Grows and one Glow, you could really increase the spread dramatically, and help the fluorescents pop on your corals.

RO/DI Water Filter

If you are spending over $10,000 on a saltwater fish tank… then you might as well get the Cadillac of RO/DI filters.  This is the highest end one I could find, the 7-stage filter.  It has two 100 gpd RO membranes, two carbon blocks, and three, yes I said it, three DI canisters!  That’s a crazy amount of filtration power and you will definitely get the cleanest water on the planet… okay, maybe not the cleanest… but the cleanest in your neighborhood probably!

Controller and Accessories

These sets of equipment might be the most exotic and “luxurious” items listed here! This collection essentially encompasses the complete range of products from the Neptune brand, known for manufacturing controllers, testers, and other tools designed to assist in monitoring and automating your saltwater aquarium. This gear offers extensive data and control over the happenings within your aquarium and other devices. While it comes with a higher price tag, its value is undoubtedly well worth the investment!

External ATO (Auto Top Off)

Well, luckily, this amazing RedSea Tank comes with their own propietary ATO system, and it’s awesome.  So don’t buy this, but know that it’s included!


Again… No need to buy these pumps because this beauty of a tank come with two of them!  

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