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Top Five Beginner Coral Foods

Updated 2024

In the world of corals, many have photosynthetic zooxanthellae in their tissues, which utilize the sun (or aquarium lights) to provide nourishment to the coral. However, it’s essential to understand that all corals can benefit from additional feeding.

Thankfully, there’s an array of excellent coral foods available, including frozen, bottled, and dry powder options. While they all get the job done, I personally vouch for the ones I’ve used and trust.

Now, let me make it clear that this post won’t delve into the specifics of how to feed your corals. Instead, it’s all about recommending the best foods for beginners like you.

As for my own routine, I try to target feed my corals around once a week. However, you’ll find other hobbyists who do it more or less frequently, depending on their setups and preferences.

It’s worth noting that some corals out there aren’t photosynthetic, and they need to be target fed daily to ensure their well-being.

When it comes to feeding methods, you have two primary options. You can broadcast feed, which involves pouring the food into your water column and letting the current carry it to your corals. Alternatively, you can opt for target feeding, where you use a baster or syringe to push a small amount of food directly into each coral.

Now, without further ado, here are a couple of excellent options for target feeding. Let’s get those corals thriving! 🌊🦑

5. Brightwell Aquatics CoralAmino

I love CoralAmino, and use it every week with my HelloReef anemone tank.  I can’t prove it, but I’ve always struggled with keeping anemones happy and healthy, but I’m finally succeeding, and I think CoralAminos have something to do with it.

I like it so much, that I actually made a video of it for BRS… check out the link above… I made the video in my “glasses make me look smarter” phase.  I do wear glasses, but not all the time fyi!

I won’t go into all the details, but BRS did some investigates series and found that while corals don’t need extra amino acids to grow, using CoralAmino increases the growth rate and make the colors pop a lot more.

It is recommended to target or broadcast feed everyday, but even once a week is just fine. You can also mix coral amino in with your other coral food for a super charged meal!

4. BRS Reef Chili

Ah yes, Reef Chili, the product that gave birth to Bulk Reef Supply.  The founder of BRS Ryan, used to make his own food, and he made so much, he started selling it at his local aquarium club… and it just grew from there.

Reef Chili is a great product, made with high quality ingredients.  It’s super ground up, meaning great for coral and any filter feeder.  It’s really potent, so a little goes a long way.

Just as with any food, I’d feed my corals once a week with this stuff, usually right before a water change that way I can feed a lot, and then suck a lot of it back out.

3. Red Sea Reef Energy AB+

As a fellow coral enthusiast, I’ve gotta say, my corals have been loving Reef Energy Plus! It’s like this ultimate all-in-one superfood that’s completely transformed my reef tank. I’ve got Soft, LPS, SPS, and non-photosynthetic corals, and they’re all thriving with this enhanced supplement. It’s like they’ve got all the vital stuff they need – vitality, growth, and stunning coloration – all packed into this one product.

And guess what? The new formula is super cool. It minimizes over skimming, so my corals get all the good stuff without any waste. Plus, Reef Energy Plus has this organic complex with carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids, and vitamins that my corals just gobble up like candy. It’s like an energy boost that keeps them going strong.

Honestly, since I started using Reef Energy Plus, my corals have been rockin’ it with vibrant colors and resilience like never before. It’s like the whole package for coral nutrition, and I’m seriously impressed with the results. I think your corals will totally dig it too, so give it a try and see the magic happen! 🌊🐚🌈

2. Polyplab Reef Roids Coral Food

In my humble opinion, the reigning featherweight champion of the reefing world is none other than Reef-Roids from Polyplab. This powdered coral food has earned its title as the most popular and well-liked choice in the USA, and maybe even beyond.

What sets Reef-Roids apart, according to Polyplab, is their smart approach. They steer clear of processed fish meals that can break down over time and mess up the water column. Instead, they use a mix of various marine plankton species.

Now, while all that tech talk is great, let me tell you what really matters – the corals LOVE this food! You’ll witness a fantastic polyp extension, and the best part? It’s wallet-friendly too! With a proven track record of success, Reef-Roids is a winner all the way! 🌊🐚🏆

1. Benepets Benereef Coral Food

Alright, so this one’s another dry powdered coral food, and let me tell you, the reason it’s #1 on my list is because of my hobbyist friends who absolutely swear by this stuff. On top of that, I recently made a BRS video about it, learned a ton more about the science behind it, and it blew me away.

They say it’s packed with more prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins, and superfoods than any other coral food out there, and honestly, that might just be true.

But you know what really matters? Do my corals love it? And based on what I’ve seen, it’s a big, enthusiastic “YES!” My corals are totally digging this stuff, and that’s what really counts in the end! 🌊🐚🌟

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