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Top Five Beginner Fish Foods

Updated 2023

Recommending just five fish foods is a tough task because of the vast options available, and each fish has unique dietary needs. However, I’ve compiled my top five all-around tropical fish foods suitable for carnivores and herbivores. Please note that I won’t include frozen food in this list due to shipping costs. I suggest visiting your Local Fish Store (LFS) for personalized recommendations based on your fish’s requirements.

For marine aquariums, you can consider these overall types of fish food:

1. Flake – Perfect for meat-eating fish, which includes a wide variety. To ensure better distribution, I crumble flakes below the waterline, letting them move throughout the tank.

2. Pellet – Suitable for both herbivores and carnivores, pellets are available in floating or sinking varieties. Pellets often form a significant part of a fish’s diet, offering a protein-rich and easy-to-feed option.

3. Seaweed – Ideal for herbivorous fish like Tangs, seaweed is placed in a holder and offered to your fish for grazing.

4. Frozen – Finicky eaters may prefer specific types of frozen food. Your LFS can provide various shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose the right fish food for your specific needs.

Pellet Size: I typically use 1mm pellets since they can be consumed by both small and larger fish. Occasionally, I have 2.4mm pellets for bigger fish, but they are too large for the smaller ones to eat comfortably.

I personally use all the fish foods mentioned here regularly, sometimes even daily, and I stand by their effectiveness. While there are many other good options available, I can vouch for the reliability of these items on the list!

5. Julian Sprung's Sea Veggies Seaweed

Seaweed comes in various brands, but Julian Sprung’s is both respected and budget-friendly. To make feeding easier, I suggest using a magnetic clip like the one from Two Little Fishies. Although pricier than a basic plastic clip with a suction cup, its adjustability by dragging the magnet makes it worth it.

Green Seaweed is a fantastic food option for herbivores such as Tangs, Surgeonfish, and Butterflyfish. Having a pack of this on hand is always a smart move!

4. New Life Spectrum 1mm Sinking Pellets

I remember my early days in this hobby, feeling completely overwhelmed by the variety of fish foods at my local fish store. Somehow, I stumbled upon New Life Spectrum, and I’ve stuck with it ever since!

I prefer the 1mm pellet size because it suits even my smaller fish. The 2mm size can be too big for many of them.

Now, every morning, I feed my fish with New Life Spectrum, and they absolutely love it!

3. V2O Food New Vision Pellet/Flake Blend

V2O Foods, founded by the experienced Christopher Turk, brings with it a vast range of options for the aquarium hobby. With an extensive selection that includes coral, frozen, flake, and pellet foods, I find myself relying on around 15 different types of V2O Food, many of which are frozen.

One particular favorite of mine is the New Vision food, a delightful blend of pellets and small flakes, making it an excellent choice for both carnivores and omnivores. The 1mm or smaller pellets work perfectly for small fish.

But what sets this food apart for me is its texture and aroma, which simply exude freshness!

2. Ocean Nutrition Prime Reef Flakes

Without a doubt, this flake food takes the crown as my all-time favorite. I’ve experimented with various options, but for some mysterious reason, my fish simply can’t resist it.

The moment you pop open the lid, the vibrant color and strong aroma are unmistakable. Its fishy scent is intense, and the flakes boast a striking red hue.

Just a word of caution – a little bit of this food is enough to satisfy your aquatic friends. Avoid overfeeding, as a small portion goes a long way.

I make it a routine to offer this flake food every other day, and it seems to be a hit among my fish (and even my snails can’t resist it).

1. V2O Food New Vision Marine Krill 1.2mm

Taking the top spot on my list is another fantastic product from V2O Foods – the New Vision Marine Krill+. This one truly stands out in every way! My fish go absolutely crazy for it, and the freshness of the product is unmatched.

The pellets in the New Vision line have a distinct quality – they are consistently moist and soft, unlike the usual hard and dry pellets you find in most brands. This uniqueness adds to the appeal for both me and my aquatic friends!

If you’re curious to see some of these exceptional products up close, I even made a video showcasing my Top Ten Aquarium Foods!